The new Rominvenice’s magazine

Rominvenice News is a monthly magazine dedicated to the most significant events taking place in Venice and Mestre. Do you know when impatient you wander on a thousand sites to understand what to do, the opening days, times, etc.?

Finally, gather in one place all the information: save time and enjoy your free time.
Every month all the most up-to-date information directly in your inbox and at a super advantageous price. You have to put on comfortable shoes and start relaxing.

Dear VeniceLover, have you ever found yourself in one of these conditions?

Unsuccessfully searching for city events on the web?

Check the events on Facebook but not find all the necessary information?

Get angry because you only see at the end of the event that there was a super exciting thing you didn't participate?

Wasting a lot of time putting together all the necessary information without knowing who to ask for news?

Think that nothing exciting ever happens in the city?

Today I have the answer to your problem

I created Rominvenice News to answer all the unmet needs that I listed above and many more.
So I finally created the opportunity to read a magazine dedicated only to events in Venice and the area.

Advantages of receiving the magazine


you will receive a new updated number every first of the month


you will find all the most exciting events in the area


you will discover news about exhibitions and museums, music, theater, shows and events related to food


you will read everything in an essential and straightforward format


every weekend, you will receive a summary of the leading news in case you missed something

How much?

Creating this product had been my dream for many years, and now it has become a reality.

You can subscribe or purchase the single monthly copy.



Purchase your single copy
  • Ricevi via mail il link alla rivista subito dopo l’acquisto
  • Scarichi e consulti il magazine da pc, tapblet o smartphone
  • Hai accesso ad un’area riservata in cui consultare tutti i numeri del magazine