Did they tell you that Venice is expensive and do you plan to bring your sandwich from home? Here are some alternatives

Here are 5 places to eat well in Venice on a low budget: enjoy the city without spending all your money.

Have you planned a trip to Venice, but are you worried now because they told you it is expensive and your budget is limited? I decided to  help you, especially if you don’t want to queue outside the door of some well-known fast-food chain.

So here you can find 5 places to eat in Venice if your budget is limited. First of all, if you don’t know why Venice is more expensive than other cities, consider all the transportation the Venetians have to do: from a van to a boat, from a boat to a cart and finally to the shop/restaurant.

A typical thing to do in Venice is the tour of the bacari (food and wine tour, street food). However if your budget is limited, be careful because in the end, if you do three or more stages, you could spend like going to a restaurant (eating a couple of cicchetti and drinking a glass of wine in each bacaro).

One important thing: if you want to save some money and do good for the environment, remember to bring your bottle from home. In Venice, there are fountains, and if you read my post on the 5 apps to download, you will find all the information.

Tramezzini, yes please 

The tramezzini (is a usually triangular Italian sandwich constructed from two slices of soft white bread, with the crusts removed) are a cheap and fast way to eat in Venice. This summer then, some bars have also been able to create or slightly expand the place where to eat outside, so it is possibile that you will be able to eat them even sitting at the table maybe with a nice fresh beer.


Io ho un paio di posti preferiti: uno è il Bar Filovia proprio a Piazzale Roma dove ci sono tanti gusti classici (ma io non faccio testo prendo quasi sempre uova e acciughe). L’altro è Ai Nomboli in zona San Tomà / Casa Goldoni dove ti puoi veramente sbizzarrire tra tante proposte. Qui fanno anche panini espressi e c’è posto anche dentro (toilette inclusa).

Here the sandwiches are not like elsewhere: they are beautiful chubbies, and you risk that with two, you have already gone hungry. The tastes are many, and if you go to the right places, where there is a lot of passage, you are sure to find them fresh and made the same day.
I have a couple of favorite places: one is the Bar Filovia right in Piazzale Roma, where there are many classic flavors (but I always take eggs and anchovies). The other is Ai Nomboli  in the San Tomà / Casa Goldoni area, where you can indulge in many proposals. Here they also make express sandwiches, and there is also room inside (toilet included).

Not the usual crêpes and not just crêpes

Dimentica tutto quello che sai sulle crêpes quando entri da Cocaeta. Qui entri in un regno della fantasia tutto nuovo, creato da Giulio, il suo proprietario, e frutto di tante ispirazioni. Prima di tutto le crêpes sono sia dolci che salate e, accanto alle farciture più tradizionali, trovi anche tante proposte vegetariane e vegane. L’impasto poi è studiato da Giulio per essere consumato anche da chi è intollerante ad esempio al lattosio: non contiene infatti né burro né uova.

Forget everything you know about crepes when you arrive at Cocaeta. Here you enter a whole new realm of fantasy, created by Giulio, its owner, and the result of many inspirations. First of all, the crêpes are both sweet and savory and, alongside the more traditional fillings, you will also find many vegetarian and vegan proposals. The dough is then studied by Giulio to be consumed by those who are lactose intolerant; for example, it does not contain butter or eggs.

In this last period, Giulio is also studying other proposals (I also took some things to take home, all delicious) such as 100% vegetable and gluten-free sushi crêpes.

You can eat inside or outside on a bench, and along the street, there is a little park.

5 posti dove dove mangiare bene a Venezia low budget

A piadina in Venice

It has been open for a little over a week, I tried it a few times, and I recommend it: Piadineria Santa Sofia 4190 in Strada Nuova. As in the case of Cocaeta crêpes, everything is express. So all you have to do is fly with your imagination among the many proposals (even vegetarian and with wholemeal dough without lard). Then you can wait for the final result.

You can find both more classic proposals like the famous raw ham and squacquerone (a soft cheese). Also, more sought-after suggestions such as the Duchessa with culatello, red onion jam, black pecorino cheese, and mixed salad. Or the Nostromo with Tuna, dop buffalo mozzarella dop, pommel, ricotta, and olive tapenade.

Inside there is a place to eat: support surface and some stools.

5 posti dove dove mangiare bene a Venezia low budget

Sepa for cicchetti and risotto

Open for a few years in the Rialto area, at Sepa, it is difficult not to find what you like. You enter, and your eyes are lost in the Cicchetti showcase. It is impossible to tell you what to taste. Among the most particular things, there are the onion roses, the potato pie with mascarpone and gorgonzola cheese on top, and the meatballs with garlic. Then there is the open kitchen where your eye will inevitably fall on some particular preparation.

If your tastes are more traditional, you will always find vegetables and some very healthy cold pasta. For lunch and dinner, risotto comes out, every day different, and you can order half a portion or a whole portion.

The wine is loose, and you can also find many proposals of bottled beers or non-commercial products related to slow food. At Sepa you eat strictly on your feet leaning on the barrels. An element to know: there is also a toilette.

5 posti dove dove mangiare bene a Venezia low budget

This article does not want to be exhaustive of all the places to eat in Venice on a limited budget: there are others too, but in the meantime, I think that if you come to Venice, you do not risk starving. I hope this post about5 places to eat well, and in a low budget, Venice has been useful. And let’s face it, you are looking for information, you have a very advantageous part.

Have a good trip and see you in Venice.