It’s time for new storytelling about Venice.

How is Venice in the Covid19 times? Probably you saw all the pictures about empty canals and square, but also some images about a dolphin or other animals along the main canals.

Like in most places all around the globe, sure nature is taking a brief. I was also asking for an interview about it from the USA.

I understand that it is quite incredible to see Venice empty after year that we are pointed out all around the world for the over-tourism.

Venezia Codiv19

Stefano Mazzola | Venezia Covid19 | Credit Stefano Mazzola, GettyImages

On the other side, if I look at the economical side, I’m sure that I’m not the only person scared about what will be our incoming during this year.

Aqua Alta (high water) at the end of last season was a big problem for the city. Departing from this moment, all the activities suffered a decrease in incoming due to the fact the communication was not managed very well.

So what to tell to the Venetian Lovers about the city today?

What I want to tell today (and which I hope others will do, in the first place the institutions) is how much solidarity there is in Venice during these days. 

An association of young people, Generazione 90 and the social center are helping older people bringing home food and medicines.

Venezia Covid19 e la voglia di una città diversa

Le ragazze dei Laboratorio Morion | Credit Stefano Mazzola GettyImages

Venice are good readers: some of the Venetian bookshop are carring book at home for the one that requested them.

Venice is not a city in the shopping mall: so many little shops have organized food delivery to help people to stay at home as much as possible.

The restaurant, that on the previous time did not make deliveries, now they are doing that: most of them are also selling special Easter Menu. In Mestre, Venice mainland, the delivery is made by a bike lovers association.

A lot of agencies and web site are offering help to people for organizing delivery or online webinar. Especially 2 night is doing a wonderful job for organizing contents and a lot of information is also on the website DIME.  And remember, we are in Venice so also the delivery of wine is organized.

A lot of museums, Theatres, Galleries are offering cultural entrainment so we can stay connected with the places we love.

We want to tell you that because we want that you can start imagining a city different from over-tourism, hight hide or now a ghost town. we are not a thematic and amusement park. This is a community that is helping each other.

Venezia Covid19 e la voglia di una città diversa

Libreria Toletta ai tempi del Covid19 | Credit Stefano Mazzola GettyImages

We want to start new storytelling about this city: this is just the beginning.

Stay safe and see you soon.