Are you looking for local products to buy in Venice? Go to Feelin’ Venice

Do you know when you go around the cities and find the shirts with the symbols of the universities? Sorry, but is you find them, they are a fake. In Italy, we do not feel this belonging to our universities. It is already a lot if we go around with the fabric shopper if they give it to us. Sorry, guys!

Seriously, I imagine that you too, like me, when you travel, always think of bringing a small souvenir to those who care about you at home or also for you.

I have to confess a fairly insane passion for this world. In my life, I have also had the good fortune to work in a large press company with bookshop inside museums, and you cannot imagine what a joy to see new proposals every day.

I still remember a beautiful exhibition at the Colosseum dedicated to Nike with the t-shirts of a Venetian designer that snapped up.

If you are looking for something original, local designers and nice products, I have a new resource for you.

Made in Venice inspiration and style

Feelin ‘Venice was born in 2017 by the idea of ​​three days Mattia, Elena, and Filippo. The purpose was to create products to be offered to tourists, but that focused on design and quality. Mattia, Elena, and Filippo have divided the areas of competence. I have to say very effectively.

Indeed, on their website, they say they don’t call them souvenirs but that they wanted to create a tribute to contemporary Venice. The idea is, therefore, to collaborate with local artists and designers but also young students to produce 100% products inspired by Venice.

Feelin' Venice

Feelin’ Venice print

I went to meet them some time ago after I had passed several times in front of the shops and I was impressed by the products. I must say that the meeting in person with Martina has only confirmed my ideas.

Feelin' Venice

Feelin’ Venice products

The products

Feelin’ Venice products are of different kinds, and all linked to the idea of ​​bringing something genuinely new home. There are T-shirts, prints, postcards, bookmarks, magnets, shoppers, and string bags that young people like so much. They are all produced with care and with an exciting design.

Feelin' Venice

Feelin’ Venice Bag

Recently I saw that they also added larger bags, summer bags with larger capacity and zip.


After opening the store in calle dei Fabbri, they decided to open two other shops that were opened for some time: one in Strada Nova, Cannaregio 4194 and one in Calle della Mandola, San Marco 3720. They also have their products in some bookshops of museums such as the Correr and the one inside the Scuola Grande di San Rocco. At this link, you will find all the indications on where they are exact.

Inside the shops, there are also other products regarding Venice and of high quality.

Feelin' Venice

Feelin’ Venice shop

There is also an online shop with the possibility of shipping anywhere in the world.

If you are coming to Venice, then go and visit them: I am sure that you will reward the audacity of these young people with a purchase.