Biennale Architettura 2020: all the information you need to know before visiting

The 17th International Architecture Exhibition, Biennale Architettura 2020, has been presented this morning in Venice during a streaming press conference due to the restrictions due to the Corona Virus. The title of the exhibition will be How will we live together?

Biennale 2020

Biennale 2020

Main information

The exhibition will run from 23 May to 29 November 2020: the pre-opening days dedicated to professionals 21 and 22 May.

Update of March 4, 2020: the opening of the Biennale will be August 29, 2020. 

This year’s exhibition will be curated by Hashim Sarkis, who is an architect, professor, and researcher of Hashim Sarkis Studios (HSS), founded in 1998 and with offices in Boston and Beirut. Since 2015 he has chaired the School of Architecture and Planning of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).


Hashim Sarkis_Photo by Jacopo Salvi, Courtesy La Biennale di Venezia

The Biennale’s numbers 

  • 63 participating nations including Giardini, Arsenale and Venice historic center
  • 3 countries present for the first time at the Architecture Biennale: Grenada, Iraq and Uzbekistan.
  • 114 participants from 46 countries, with growing representation from Africa, Latin America and Asia.
  • Five scales (sections of the exhibition) between Arsenale and Giardini: Among Diverse Beings (Arsenale), As New Households (Arsenale), Emerging Communities (Arsenale), Across Borders, As One Planet.
  • 1 two-part catalog consisting of two volumes Volume I, curated by Hashim Sarkis, is dedicated to the International Exhibition. Volume II is dedicated to National Participations and Collateral Events.
  • 1 Exhibition Guide is designed editorially to accompany the visitor along the exhibition route.


Ticket office

SPECIAL EARLY BIRD FARE online until 30 April

Early Bird Regular Ticket € 20
Early Bird Students Ticket € 10
Accreditation Early Bird € 70
Accreditation students and/or under 26 € 30

*Accreditations are nominal and grant unrestricted admission to both exhibition venues over a period of time


PLUS tickets*

Full price € 35
Students and/or under 26 € 25
*a valid ID is required on purchase and entrance


REGULAR tickets

Full price € 25
Reduced price € 22 (for more details visit
Reduced price € 20 (over 65, military officers, Venice residents, visitors holding a ticket of Biennale Dance, Theatre or Music Festival and 77th Venice International Film Festival subscriptions holders) Students and/or Under 26 € 16 (with a valid student ID or student card)

For all the other options (i.e. Groups tickets) check on the website.

Overview Arsenale_Photo by Andrea Avezzù – Courtesy La Biennale di Venezia


Guided tours

If I can give you a suggestion, take advantage of the guided tours (no, I don’t do them). Especially if you are not an expert, and you want to do something more than a simple walk in the beautiful space of La Biennale.

Here you can find all the information:


Adults 1 venue € 90 – 2 venues € 150
Universities 1 venue € 70 – 2 venues € 120
High schools 1 venue € 60 – 2 venues € 100 Elementary and Junior High schools 1 venue € 60 Nursery schools 1 venue € 50

Creative workshops for families Fee per child 1 venue € 5


Guided tours in Italian or in English € 7 per venue Schedule an on-line purchase on 


Why Hashim Sarkis chose this title: How will we live together?

How: tells of the search for concrete practices and solutions in architecture for problem-solving.

Will: makes us imagine a future but also a vision that draws on the power of the architectural imagination.

We: indicates the inclusion of others and refers to a more empathic understanding of architecture.

Live: live, thrive, flourish through the optimism that characterizes architecture.

Together: it tells of universal values, highlighting how architecture is a collective form but also a form of expression.

?: is an open question that seeks concrete solutions through architecture by celebrating its value dimension.

Olalekan Jeyifous and Mpho Matsipa, Liquid Geographies, Liquid Borders, 2020. Courtesy Olalekan Jeyifous

Olalekan Jeyifous and Mpho Matsipa, Liquid Geographies, Liquid Borders, 2020. Courtesy Olalekan Jeyifous


Why must you see Architecture Biennale?

Because visiting the exhibition can open our minds and make us reflect on some concepts. For example, what is the exhibition idea of living together, our sense of the city? How are the urgencies of the new times faced in other countries, what solutions are adopted?
If you visit the Biennale, you will be an attentive visitor, a witness of what is happening: during the visit, you will find not only the indication of problems but also ideas for solving them.

We live in a time characterized by a potential feeling of no longer being assured of an increasingly widespread progress but, instead, of being victims of the changes it entails. This is a time in which many could take advantage of the ensuing fears, worries, and changes to promote ultra-defensive campaigns. We find it useful if a Biennale can remind everyone that the identity of a society or a community lies in the quality of the projects it formulates for its future, to correct distortions and valorize resources. And, as can be seen by the many phenomena that are impacting the world just now, these projects can only arise from extensive awareness and widespread collaboration.

(Paolo Baratta)

Useful information about the city if you come to visit the Biennale

My first tip is to book your ticket and your hotel as soon as possible. Thanks to the reservation, you will avoid queues at the cash desks while the earlier you book the hotel, the sooner you are sure to choose the one that is best for you in terms of price, services, and location. The Lido of Venice can be an excellent choice in these cases since it is very close to the Giardini and the Arsenale. On this post dedicated to hotels in Venice, you can find other tips.

If your hotel is not particularly close to the Biennale, I recommend purchasing a public transport pass. To buy connected here to the Venezia Unica website.

ACTV – 1 day ticket € 20.00

ACTV – 2-days ticket € 30.00

ACTV – 3-days ticket € 40.00

ACTV – 7-days ticket € 60.00

Also, download the Che Bateo app which will save your life regarding the vaporetto timetables.

And, as I always say, you will need comfortable shoes, water bottles and dried fruit that will save your life in the moment of the overdose from art or simply low blood sugar.