Are you planning to come to Venice? In my opinion, you should seriously consider getting help. From a psychologist? No, from a travel consultant.

We start from the assumption that Venice is one of the most challenging destinations: first, you can not arrive in your car or in the taxi under the hotel (that is the source of the first confusion for many). Also, at certain times or in some areas, there are many visitors at the same time that seems to be in a nightmare. Also the visitors are often afraid to pay a lot for meals or services. It ends up that very often, to save money, you find yourself spending more and having worse services when you return home with an unpleasant experience.

In these many years of work in tourism (from 1997), I have seen everything: agencies booking hotels without water door for clients with walking difficulties. Older people booking (or getting a reservation) 4 hours walk at 4 pm in the summer when no sane person would leave the house and the air-conditioning. Tourists prefer a cut pizza eaten on the bridge (which you can’t do) with the risk of being attacked by seagulls instead of eating something fresh and local in peace and maybe even sitting. Agencies asking me a thousand times how a panoramic tour works and where a touring boat or water taxi can arrive. People know little about Venice, and ofter they never have been here.

People “selling” Venice are in a nice office on the other side of the world: do you think they can help you during a high tide in the city? They are interested in creating a product that suits everyone without considering that each of us has different tastes and different possibilities for spending.


Ristorante Luna Sentada

Are you worry about where to eat great in Venice?


So I decided to embark on a new journey too: to help those who want to come and visit the city by opening a dialogue and looking for the best solutions regarding accommodation, tours, where to eat and other things to do.

For hotels, some persons prefer to stay in more classic hotels, and others in a more modern style. Some persons are looking to save money, others for places close to the main monuments.


Indigo Venice Sant'Elena

Venetian style hotel or some new boutique hotel? 


Equally for the tours. If you are not interested in history, why booking the historical tour at Palazzo Ducale again? Maybe you prefer to learn how to row, try local food and wine, or decorate a mask. Perhaps you travel with the children, and you would like to find a tailor-made tour for them.

Here is how I can help you. Here is a calendar of my availability. Once set the date, we will talk by phone (after paying via Paypal or Satyspay, the cost is € 60.00) or by Skype and tell me what you expect of the visit if you’ve been there before, etc.

The conversation lasts about ’30 minutes at the end of which I will send you an email with my proposals and the one where I can help you.


In tour a Venissa

Another boring tour far from your interests? Say, no thanks!


If you wish, I can proceed directly to the booking of services on your behalf, or we can meet when you arrive in Venice, so I offer you a spritz and introduce you to the city.

I am sure that by working together over your visit, you will be able to enjoy better what the city can offer you, you will be more aware of the essential rules to know, and you will want to come back soon to discover other activities.

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I am waiting for your questions … meanwhile, I am going to have a drink in one of my favorite places.