What to do in the lagoon of Venice during the warm summer season? Rent an boat with quiet electric drive from Torqeedo.

During the summer the lagoon is quite crowded and a minimum of experience is needed to know how to move: but the most important rule is to respect others boats and environment. 

For about a year now I have been following the opening of a new activity  on the Certosa Island: it is Classic Boats Venice. It is a rental service of traditional boats with ecological engines and a GPS for moving around the lagoon.

The boats are produced or purchased supporting the local craftsmanship: these are sanpierote, tope and bragozzi built exclusively in Venetian shipyards. These boats are then equipped with a very quiet electric motor that does not emit pollutants.

All the boats are then equipped with a ladder for boarding (very useful if you decide to take a refreshing dip in the lagoon), an awning to protect yourself from the sun, water, towels, cushions and bluetooth for music. They are also equipped with life jackets for all sizes (even baby) that are best worn while sailing if you don’t know how to swim.

I met Jean Paul Morselli, director of Classic Boats Venice, who arrived in Venice last year (but he knows the lagoon very well), through Instagram. I was immediately impressed by his enthusiasm. So, some time ago, I tried the boats because I was very curious. I tried to command one: yes, because one of the many interesting things about these boats is that they can be driven without a boat license.

Before getting on board, a small “driving school” is given to give the basic instructions about the engine and how to handle the boat: in any case, to be able to drive the boat you must be 18 years old.

In case you don’t feel like going around the lagoon alone, no problem because you can ask for a guided tour: a qualified guide who knows the lagoon and its history will guide you and give you the explanations. Not even telling you that there is also the possibility of eating on the boat, obviously typical Venetian menu starting from the cicchetti and good wine.

Boats can be rented on the Certosa island (easily accessible by public transportation) but pick-up can also be arranged at a different location in the city.

I think it’s a great way to experience the lagoon in an environmentally friendly way: don’t expect to launch into the electric motor at full speed. Savor the true slow rhythms of the lagoon, where rowing boats also sail.

Last thing: you can obviously book everything online and chat if you have other questions to ask the staff.