Wandering around the Lagoon of Venice and looking for a place to jump into the water can be an extremely pleasant activity.

In recent years I have been a lucky woman (even before, but in several respects) because I have been able to enjoy our Venice lagoon truly. My activity as a tour leader does not allow me to have many free days in a row during the summer season. So I take advantage of each day to enjoy the place where I am lucky to live. Among the many things, swimming in Venice Lagoon is one of my favorite activities.

Gita in Laguna - Team building 2013 (foto di Michele Novello)

Lagoon Tour – Team building 2013 (foto by Michele Novello)

The Venice lagoon occupies a considerable area, around 550 km². Without the lagoon, the history of Venice would not make sense. The lagoon was included in 1987 on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Fare il bagno nella laguna di Venezia

Marinaretto davanti al Lido

For years, the lagoon didn’t mean much to me, since I was mostly in the historic center. If I wanted to enjoy a little sea not far from home, I always went to the Lido (I still go there, especially if I can enjoy a return in peace, after dinner).

On some trip between Murano and Burano I was able to enjoy wonderful sunsets but always imbued with a Vaporetto or in a grand touring boat. There are enchanting places like these that I told you about by telling you how wine is made in the lagoon.

Only a few years ago, I began to live the lagoon more intensely, let’s say since I had a brief experience on the island of Certosa and a world opened up to me. You think I was at work on my 40th birthday. A February 6 of wind and snow that the Vaporetto for a few hours could not even dock. Well, that day, I discovered that we had French customers who had just arrived from the airport to enjoy the Carnival of Venice from their boat, moored in the Certosa. Contrary to what Asterix thought, I said: “These Gauls are crazy.”

Fare il bagno nella laguna di Venezia

Vento di Venezia Marina

Working in Certosa Island, I discovered that many people during the summer came from Croatia and stayed in the lagoon for a few days, some leaving the boat here for a few years and flying here whenever possible. I discovered that many Venetians had the ship in Certosa and used it on the weekend.

Clients often ask me walking around Venice, “But all these boats?”. So I explain that we do not use them to move around during the day because unfortunately there are no public moorings, but if you have a friend and friend with the boat, you can not wait for the weekend to go for a ride.

The other day, I was on a panoramic tour with a colleague from outside Venice who explained to customers that in the lagoon, you don’t swim. So I decided to write this post to tell you that you can swim in the Venice lagoon.

I start swimming in the lagoon in May and end in late September.  Swimming in the lagoon is pure joy: better than the beaches since there is no sand! In fact, in the lagoon choose your place, dive, take a few strokes and when you want, go up and no sand! If you are lucky like me, you can also give yourself a rinse with the freshwater of the boat. There are plenty of places to swim in the lagoon taking advantage of the calm water. To the south after Sacca Sessola or further north between Burano and Treporti. Yes, the Bacan beach is well known, but in my opinion, it is too popular.

Fare il bagno nella laguna di Venezia

Lagoon of Venice

Some very important things to know: you have to know how to navigate a bit in the lagoon, you have to stay away from houseboats (joke but they are often rented by people who know nothing about the lagoon, so better to turn away) and you have to know how to swim (or equip yourself with armrests but perhaps this is not good for self-esteem). The water as I said is in most cases calm: therefore even when it is practically impossible to go out to sea because of the wind, you are still in the lagoon. Beware only of the currents that may also be here.

Incredible moments in the lagoon there are many during the day: no sunrise, I never saw it because when I’m on the boat, I’m on vacation, and I have no good reason to wake up early. But waking up in the middle of the lagoon or some marina in the city (I have already said Certosa Island, haven’t I?) And enjoying the view is an incredible experience. It is like feeling on vacation, even if only for a few hours. Let’s not talk about sunsets, especially if you brought a bottle of nice fresh prosecco or a frozen beer. Or if you decide to go to the bar at the anchor in Punta Sabbioni: incredible view!

Tramonto in Laguna dall'Ancora

Sunset on the Lagoon

In short, if you have a boat in the lagoon, you are lucky, possibly a motorboat, to be able to move more quickly.

If you don’t have a boat, let’s say it’s not a very cheap hobby, it’s time to get busy and look for a friend with the boat before next summer (don’t be opportunistic, however, at least bring drinks and food). For some years, small companies have also been born that rent boats, including electric ones: which I think is an excellent thing. I want to point out Classic Boat, which is in Certosa, even if the prices are not very low. But the boats are beautiful and maybe renting it once makes you understand if it is something you might like.

In short, swimming in the lagoon is done, all right. It is obviously respecting the lagoon itself, its rules, and also its speed limits. Of course, you can also go rowing, but I see it a little tiring. I would add: it will not be an activity that tourists will want to do, because to appreciate the moment truly, it is not enough once, on the contrary, as soon as you have bathed, think about when you will return. Better not to make him do it: the nostalgia they would take home would be too high.

Tramonto dai Giardini

Sunset in Venice